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Research Carolina exists to serve you and your family.

Working for YOU

Despite the many advances made in healthcare each day, chronic illnesses remain prevalent.  Established in 2014, Research Carolina set a goal of making tomorrow’s treatments available for patients today.  Its staff looks forward to working with clients in a research setting and developing relationships that look toward their future health. With locations in Huntersville and Hickory, North Carolina, patients and their loved ones are welcome to discuss potential solutions to specific health concerns.

Clinical Trials from Patient-Care Settings

Our research directly affects people in North Carolina

Our Research Concept

Ideas for clinical research — also known as clinical trials or clinical studies
— often originate in laboratories or patient-care settings. New therapies or procedures are first tested in laboratories and animal studies. Clinical studies in people, conducted in phases, often follow. More information can be gained about the experimental treatment during a trial. The results are assessed by medical doctors and the Federal Drug Administration before being released as prescriptions or over-the-counter treatments.

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